Why Now is the Right Time to Form a GDN-PESC Standards Task Force

Standards help make the world go round.  From finance and banking to health and transportation, standards are everywhere in our lives.  Remember, though, that no single standard answers all our needs, and no industry or sector depends on only one standard. Education and the labour market are no exception to that. Stakeholders in the GDN Ecosystem need multiple, different standards and will continue to need multiple, different standards.


How to achieve interoperability with different standards? 


 Institutions and learners across the globe use a wide variety of data systems and they will continue to do so. These various data systems invariably bring a plethora of different standards. For communications and exchanges between these various systems to succeed, there have to be protocols that enable the translation, comparison and mapping from one standard to another. That way, users understand what data is being communicated without either party needing to make changes. In addition to that, standards enhance business efficiency as a result of the streamlined services and higher level of data quality and integrity they enable.


Call for the launch of a Task Force on Data Standards 


Both PESC and GDN understand the raison d’être of standards, and they are also both convinced of the importance of coordination among standards around the world.  PESC and GDN had been discussing the idea to form a global standards group for a couple of years already, and it is now time we believe to launch it. The GDN Board of Directors will be discussing the proposal in its upcoming board meeting early December. With PESC users and members convinced of the need to be able to connect with third parties around the world, regardless of standards used, PESC is committed to put its weight and membership behind a GDN Standards Task Force.  

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