European Students’ Union Statement about Digitalization

Gohar Hovhannisyan, Vice-President of the European Students Union is one of our keynote speakers at the GDN Annual Meeting 2020 in Delhi. She  introduces herself and explains the ESU’s interest in digitalization.

I am the current Vice President of the European Students’ Union and I was interested to learn about the Groningen Declaration Network from our previous President Adam Gajek. After some research about the GDN, it seemed to me that there are many common areas of work. At different European platforms and expert groups, ESU is doing advocacy about internationalization and mobility within higher education,  based on its’ policy paper on this topic. Besides, we have also recently developed a statement about digitalization in HE. As a stakeholder organisation ESU is  involved in different advisory groups of the European Commission – from the Europass group where micro-credentials are being discussed to the development of the European Student Card initiative”

European Students Union Statement about digitalization

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