The Future of Digital
Student Data Portability

Transcending the Maze

Stanford University’s digital magazine on digital student data portability and the electronic student portfolio

The Groningen Declaration Network is honored to have been selected by Stanford University, Palo Alto (CA), USA  to publish its very first digital magazine on e-portfolios and DSDP, Transcending the Maze: Moving Forward with Global Credentials.

This is a very topical publication on anything to do with digital student data portability, and one that was released at a special occasion—the 25th annual conference of EAIE, the European Association for International Education in Istanbul, Turkey.

The choice of Istanbul as venue for EAIE’s quartercentenary symbolized EAIE’s commitment to Transcend Continents. The Groningen Declaration Network and Stanford University choose to follow suit—by Transcending the Maze.

And now, without further ado, let me give the floor to the editor.

Please read our new magazine in support of the Groningen initiative! Transcending the Maze: Moving Forward with Global Credentials builds a powerful case for a worldwide movement to build interconnected data depositories supporting students, universities, workers, and employers in the era of globalization.

The initial version of our magazine is available in two formats:

  1. A flip-style magazine for iPads. It contains articles, pictures, data visualizations, and videos. (The magazine will also be available via HTML in the future.)
  2. A PDF for anyone without an iPad. This version contains articles and pictures only.

We would love to hear your reaction to the magazine, thoughts about the articles, and ideas for future issues. Send emails to

To view the flip-style magazine on your iPad

You need to have the free Roambi Flow™ app installed on your iPad in order to download and read the magazine. Tap Here to Install the app.

Then tap here to download the magazine. Use your fingers to flip through the magazine. Note special icons for further exploration:

When you see this icon, Tap me!

tap on it to open up data visualizations. Be sure to use your sense of touch to explore the visualizations, such as scrolling through lists, opening up trends along a timeline, and more.

When you see this icon, Watch me!

tap on it to play a relevant video.

To view the PDF

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