Become a signatory

Current signatories

As of 24 April 2019, the number of signatories of the Groningen Declaration stands  at 98 organizations from 27 different countries and 2 international networks. These signatories represent the whole gammut of the GDN Ecosystem: Central/National Student Data Depositories, Credential Evaluation Services, ENIC-NARICs and similar, HEIs, International Higher Education Associations, International University Consortia, National Government Bodies, National HEI IT Service Providers, National Rectors Conferences, National Student Admissions Organizations,  National Student Exchange Bodies, Press, Student Recruitment Agencies, and Service Providers. For the full list of current signatories, please look here.

Want to apply as a new signatory?

The GDN invites participants to become signatories! If you would like to propose your organisation as a new signatory at the next annual GDN meeting, this is what we expect you to do:

  • Please make sure to be a participant that has contributed the current annual participation fee.
  • Familiarize yourself with the five basic GDN documents: Declaration,  Statutes, Bylaws, Code of Conduct, and Statement of Ethical Principles. These five documents inform the way the network expects all of its participants to participate, especially so our prospective signatories. We expect your organization to commit itself to these basic documents and to adhere to it, witness your organization’s written pledge to do so at the time of signing: “We have read and approved of the Groningen Declaration and of its Network’s Statutes, By-Laws, Code of Conduct and Statement of Ethical Principles. We now apply our signatures below and commit to promoting the aims of the Groningen Declaration Network by our active involvement in its Task Forces, Committees and other activities.
  • After having familiarized yourself with these documents, fill out a statement of interest as envisaged in the Bylaws, article 1. Please add head shot (a photograph) of your organization’s main contact –which could be you – and a logo.
  • Submit your complete statement of interest with the required photograph and organizational logo with the GDN Office, see here.
  • Upon receipt of your application, your organization’s  statement of interest will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director and Secretary  will notify you of the outcome once approved.