The Future of Digital
Student Data Portability


May 19, 2016
9:15 a.m.-9:30 a.m.


Michael Zhang Zhiyuan
Project Manager for International Promotion
CHESICC China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center
Project Manager for International Promotion and interpreter at CHESICC; member of the Groningen Declaration Executive Committee. Michael obtained his BA from the English Language Department of the China Foreign Affairs University in 2013. International conferences recently attended include •Third Groningen Declaration Annual Meeting, April 2014, Washington (DC), USA •AACRAO Annual Meeting, April 2014, Denver (Colorado), USA •CollegeNET Users Conference, July 2014, Portland (Oregon) USA •ASEM International Seminar on Life Long Learning, August 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia •EAIE Annual Conference, September 2014, Prague, Czech Republic •CBIE Annual Meeting, November 2014, Ottawa, Canada •AACRAO International Seminar on International Admissions for Senior Level University Administrators, February 2015 •and more
Shi Peng Jian
Deputy Director General
CHESICC China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center
Shi Pengjian, the Deputy Director-General of CHESICC (China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center), has chief responsibility for consultation in higher education student information and credentials verification. He has 30 years of experience in the Higher Education Department of the Chinese Ministry of Education, and is an expert in post-secondary education management.


Thanks to its dedication to authoritative and credible verification and transmission services, CHESICC has been able to steadily build up its network of partners in the digital student data ecosystem, to promote global student record mobility in partnership with evaluation agencies, data exchange companies and educational institutions. This presentation introduces CHESICC's pilot programs with its partners in the USA and in Europe. While focusing on technical development and customer service, presenters will also pay attention to student privacy and application procedure. For the near future, CHESICC will be investing in further expanding its services, which will count, next to CHESICC's qualification and transcript verification service, a multi-dimensional credentials evaluation service which may provide more detail about institutions, majors, and students. CHESICC may also be releasing new verification services, and lastly, may add new levels of granularity to student's verification reports, by providing these with GPA, Gaokao cut-off tier lines, and more.

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