The Future of Digital
Student Data Portability

Eclectic Degrees and Where They Fit in the PARADIGMS Project to Handle New Ways of Recognition

May 18, 2016
11 a.m.-11:15 a.m.


dr. Bas Wegewijs
Team Leader
Bas Wegewijs joined EP-Nuffic in 2001 and is Team Coordinator / Policy Officer in the International Recognition Department (which is also the Dutch ENIC-NARIC centre) . He is responsible for managing European projects in the field of recognition that are carried out within the department and has carried out many project and consultancy activities in The Netherlands and abroad. Previously, Bas held post-doctoral positions as a research chemist in Germany and in The Netherlands, obtaining first-hand experience with international mobility of students


Automatic recognition has been on the agenda with the ENIC-NARIC network for a while now. And the topic of eclectic degrees has recently been added in an Erasmus+ project on ‘New Paradigms in Recognition’. Which may represent the way higher education programmes will transform within the next decade, by offering alternative modes of delivery and crediting. The PARADIGMS project will deal with ways to grant recognition to non-traditional education, and eclectic degrees will be part and parcel of the approach. New developments in digital student data and e-credentials might give recognition of eclectic degrees a headstart.

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