The Future of Digital
Student Data Portability

EMREX: Rolling out Data Transfer Services for Mobile Students in Nordic Countries and Beyond

May 19, 2016
10 a.m.-10:15 a.m.


dr. Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz
Associate Professor
University of Warsaw
Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz graduated in computer science in the University of Warsaw, Poland, and obtained a Ph.D. degree in math from the same university. She is an associate professor in Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw. Her main fields of research include operating systems, distributed systems, performance evaluation and software engineering. Since 1999, she leads a project for the development of a student management information system USOS, which is used in over 40 Polish Higher Education Institutions, gathered in the MUCI consortium. In 2008, she started the Mobility Project with RS3G. Janina takes active part in many nation-wide projects in Poland
Mats Lindstedt
Project Manager/Coordinator EMREX Project
CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd
Mats Lindstedt has a Master of Science in Business Strategy and International Marketing and a Licentiate in Applied Mathematics from the Helsinki University of Technology. He has over 15 years of experience from the ICT industry including program management and R&D development. Since 2012 he work for CSC Ltd in Finland and with developing support for student services. Previously he was the project manager for Tiptop, developing web based support for university students’ personal study plans. Currently he is the project manager for the EMREX project.
Mattias Holmlund
Project Manager
Umeå University
Mattias Holmlund holds a Bachelor of Science in System Analysis from Umeå University. He has been working with IT since 2001 and held the position as Operations Manager of one of three Swedish national SIS-Ladok installations until 2011. He is currently involved in setting up the new operational organization for the next generation of the Ladok-system. In the EMREX project he is technical responsible for the Swedish part of the development and also as a Work package leader in the Erasmus without paper project (EWP).
Mikael Berglund
System Developer
Umeå University
Mikael Berglund holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Umeå. He has been working with research about Virtual Learning Environments and Time-Spatial Visualization of National Archives. Previous projects include Identity Management within the European GÉANT project and the management of e-infrastructure development for Sweden’s NREN, SUNET. Currently, he is working as an IT-architect at ITS in Umeå and is occupied with building the new Swedish national student information system, Ladok3. In addition, he is working with international student mobility in the EWP and EMREX projects.


EMREX is an ERASMUS+ project which focuses on the electronic exchange of student achievement records between Higher Education Institutions. Now that after the first half of the project life time the EMREX platform is up and running, a specific EMREX-ELMO data standard is designed and published on GitHub. Most of the participating countries have integrated (in a federated way) their production Student Information Systems with the platform. A field trial study is underway, first groups of students have transferred their records from host to home institutions, evaluation of the project results based on surveys and data collected in university registers is on the way. Project partners are looking into the future. The solution is evaluated from a technical perspective to smooth the path for newcomers to join the EMREX network. New user scenarios are being recognized, like supporting internal mobility, admission to educational institutions, recruitment for jobs, validation of degrees and diplomas and informal learning. Some known issues need to be worked out in a broader perspective, like long-lived authentication services for students leaving academia. There is an idea to set up an organization which would disseminate the results of EMREX, EWP and other similar initiatives and would support on-line data transfer and other ways of integration of higher education information systems. A live demo of EMREX will be performed during the session.

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