European University Foundation


Established in 2001, the European University Foundation signed the Groningen Declaration on the 16th of May in Cape Town.

The EUF aims to accelerate the modernisation of the European Higher Education Area. The Foundation focuses its action on five pillars – Quality Mobility, Employability, Digital Higher Education, Policy Innovation and Active Citizenship – and it stands for diversity and social fairness in Higher Education. The members of the EUF are currently 21 European public universities that share a culture of academic excellence. The EUF signed the Groningen Declaration because it is interested in the modernisation of the EHEA, notably regarding the advancement of its digital dimension, and the GDN is a privileged vehicle to achieve this goal in concert with partners from around the world.

European University Foundation-Joao BacelarProf. Christoph Ehmann


Contact person:
João Bacelar, Project manager in charge of policy innovation

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