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Feel welcome

We welcome new participants! Participants are all those that attend the annual Groningen Declaration Network meeting, and include institutional delegates, signatories, members of GDN Task Forces  and the members of the Board of Directors .  If you would like to be invited to join future meetings of the network and get involved, please let us know by sending a request for consideration to be invited as a participant to future meetings. Requests for participation will be considered by the Executive Committee and you will be notified of the outcome of your request by the secretary of the network.

A few words about data protection the GDN way

As any network organization, the  GDN requires a contacts database to stay in touch with you : after all, what is a Network if it has no participating nodes?  But – since our network consist of persons, the data that our contacts database holds are personal; moreover, since many of the persons in our network are either citizens of the European Union or maintain close dealings with citizens in the EU, the GDN has to comply with the rules of the recently enacted EU General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR; and this holds particularly true for the way we store, use and manage data in the GDN contacts database .

Now, given the GDN’s stance on privacy as being one of the essential building blocks  to make the GDN vision and goals happen, the GDN wholeheartedly embraces the GDPR. Therefore,  we want you to know what we do with your data and, of course, give you access to the data we keep on file about you and put you in control of your data. Please follow this link for more information on how the GDN views data protection.