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June 2014
ACA Annual Conference presentation John Yopp

ACA’s* Annual Conference is one of the yearly meeting places for top stakeholders in the European Higher Education Area with top stakeholders from other sectors and other parts of the world.

      Dr. John Yopp**, who attended the 2014 Annual Groningen Declaration Network Meeting, was invited to present at the ACA Annual Conference on the attractiveness of European HE as seen from a US perspective.    

In his presentation (slides 17-19), John Yopp proffers the Groningen Declaration as one of those continuing demonstrations of the EHEA’s ability to keep responding to the changing environments and to enhance the goals of the EHEA and the Bologna Process. He argues that the Groningen Declaration can deliver on the EHEA’s ongoing need to improve student mobility, to facilitate secure credit and credential transfer, and to prevent fraud in the digital world. That would certainly make European and international education more attractive, secure,  and efficient.

His presentation, Assessing the attractiveness of European higher education: A view from the US can be accessed here.

*    The Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) is a not-for-profit pan-European network of major organisations responsible in their countries for the promotion of internationalisation in education and training. Current membership is comprised of 24 national organisations in 18 European countries, as well as associate members in North America, Australia and Mexico (read on)  

** John Yopp, in 2012 recipient of EAIE’s Transatlantic Award, worked extensively with higher education associations in the U.S. and Europe for more than 30 years.  He is emeritus  associate provost for educational partnerships, University of Kentucky. Former positions include (read on)

2014 ACA Annual Conference, GD slides in presentation John H. Yopp

April 2014
EC video message at Groningen Declaration Network Meeting:
Opening Up Education and the contribution of digital student data to international student mobility


Ana Carla Pereira,
Head of Unit, Skills and qualifications strategies,
European Commission, DG Education and Culture