The Future of Digital
Student Data Portability

National Student Clearing House

Ricardo Torres, President and CEO

Established in 1993, signed the Groningen Declaration in April 2012.

2300 Dulles Blvd, Suite 300
Herndon United States

General information:
Official Agent to US Higher Education Institutions.

Chief contact person:
Ricardo Torres, President and CEO

Year from which student data can be digitally retrieved :
Degrees: 1918
Enrollment 1993

Educational sectors represented in depository :
Primarily Tertiary Education

<Current number of student data registrations:
Current enrolment covered 20MM; total students in system 145MM

Annual increase of registered student data :

Number of consultations of student data :
1 billion consultations annually; 50 per student

National Student Clearing House entered a best practice to the Groningen Declaration network:

NSC best practice:
G.R.E.E.N. Statement of Principles endorsed by Groningen Declaration Network

Rick Torres - NSC CHESICC Pilot Update

USA DUO NSC combined 1.0

NSC Rick Torres System Overview