The Future of Digital
Student Data Portability


The stakeholders in the Groningen Declaration represent those parties that some way or another need student data in their own administrative processes. At the 2014 annual meeting, this group of  stakeholders has been labelled with the term: the Digital Student Data Ecosystem, an ecosystem that so far escaped identification, in spite of the wide and varied use of digital student data and their impact on society.

The stakeholders in this ecosystem include:

  • educational planners
  • educational statisticians
  • funding agencies
  • administrators of central student data depositories
  • examination boards
  • educational testing services
  • HEIs
  • admissions officers and registrars

With right in the center, the learners, and spread out from there:

  • the wider world of further education
  • credential evaluation services
  • agencies dealing with academic and professional recognition
  • associations in the field of internationalisation of (higher) education
  • the labour market and employers
  • consular services
  • immigration services

In short, the agents that come into play when dealing with cross border human capital mobility.