The Future of Digital
Student Data Portability

Target stakeholders

One of the main efforts of the Groningen Declaration Network is to engage ever more stakeholders in the Digital Student Data Ecosystem to join forces with us and to make global human capital crossborder mobility a reality. And in order to be succesful, the strategy of the Network has been one of slowly building up, starting with digital student data depositaries, international associations dealing with internationalisation of higher education, and SIS developers. From 2012 onwards, though, the network has keenly been eying more stakeholders. We do this in concentric circles - not unlike the effect you get when a stone is thrown in the water. Target stakeholders are the ones that we seek to involve in coming events and activities.

For 2014, the chief target stakeholders will be national academic and professional recognition bodies; credential evaluation services; and processors and analysers of statistical data on student mobility.