Established in 2001 in partnership with the Universities and Grandes Ecoles, Verifdiploma signed the Groningen Declaration in May 2015.

Characterization of organization: Limited Company (SA), a private, national (France) French Higher Education Degree Verification via a central student’s database


8 Rue Albert Joly
78000 Versailles

CEO and contact person:verifdiploma1

CHOMARAT Emmanuel, founder and CEO

General information:

Verifdiploma is a leading and recognized player for the degree verification data on French students, with a good knowledge of French Higher Education qualifications and courses. Verifdiploma  owns the database of graduates (8 million) and also owns the courses content database. Verifdiploma  has partnership with institutions of French Higher Education – University, Business Schools, Engineering Schools, IAE, IUT and BTS- (365 signed agreements with accredited institutions ) and has signed agreements with the following official Higher Education accredited bodies:

– CGE: Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

– ANDRH: National Association of Directors of Human Resources

– CNCP: National Commission for Professional Certification

– EFMD: European Foundation for Management Development

– ADIUT: Assembly of IUT Directors – IAE France

– Ministry of Higher Education and Research (Rectorats)

Year from which student data can be digitally retrieved:

1897 (for Grandes Écoles of Engineering and Grandes Écoles of Commerce)

Educational sectors represented in depository:

University, Business Schools, Engineering Schools, IAE, IUT and BTS, Baccalauréat

Current number of student data registrations:


Annual increase of registered student data:


Number of consultations of student data:

80K per year