Declaration, statutes, strategic goals and more

On 11 January 2015, the Groningen Declaration Network’s Executive Committee approved the Statutes, Bylaws, Code of Conduct and Statement of Ethical Principles. Together with the Groningen Declaration, these five documents serve as the basic documents of the network and guide its developments. Prospective new signatories are expected to abide by the Statutes, Bylaws, Code of Conduct and Statement of Ethical Principles, and to commit to promoting the aims of the GDN by their active involvement in the GDN Task Forces, Committees and other GDN Activities.

Groningen Declaration (PDF)

The Statutes (PDF)

Bylaws (PDF)

Code of Conduct (PDF)

Statement of Ethical Principles


Mid-term strategic goals, covering the period 2017-2022

At its Fall Board of Directors Meeting, October 2017, the Board of Directors decided on the following external and internal mid-term strategic goals, covering the period 2017-2022:

External goals

1)     The GDN is acknowledged for providing academic, practitioner and consultative expertise to lead the global adoption of strategies and tactics towards the Digital Learner Data Ecosystem.

2)     The GDN will be the umbrella organization with a critical mass of active participants to facilitate collaboration, engagement and synergies among regional and global organizations and initiatives.

3)    The GDN encourages inclusive and active participation from diverse sectors, countries, regions, developing nations and other stakeholders. Consistent with this, the GDN cooperates with organizations and projects on all continents that align with the goal of advancing education and mobility and that support the principles and goals of the GDN.

Internal goals

1)     The GDN has transitioned into a professionally managed not-for-profit organization with an established Secretariat and a clear action plan.

2)     The GDN has established a fundraising capacity that ensures financial and resource sustainability.

3)     The GDN has assembled a constituency of expert volunteers, supported and overseen by a diverse, effective board with defined responsibilities.




As of 21 February 2018, the stichting GDN is registered in the European Transparency Register under identification number 238535130318-52