ACEI (Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc.)


Private, established in 1994. Signed the Groningen Declaration on January 10th, 2017.



8885 Venice Boulevard

Suite 202

Los Angeles

CA 90034


9461 Charleville Boulevard

Box 188

Beverly Hills

CA 90212

General information:  

Main activities of organization

  • Research on world education systems
  • Evaluation of international academic credentials and professional qualifications for U.S. educational equivalence
  • Translation of academic and professional credentials
  • Training

Reason of organization’s interest in Groningen Declaration Network:

ACEI would like to be part of the conversation concerning the mobility of student data in today’s digital world. This is of significant importance to the international credential evaluation field and the service ACEI provides where the integrity and validity of academic documents is an integral part of the verification and evaluation process.

Envisaged organization’s contribution to Network:

ACEI has archival data on academic credentials from institutions around the world. We realize that digital student data can better serve global student and skilled worker mobility than its paper document counterpart. Since credential evaluators and organizations engaged in credential evaluation, such as ACEI, are in the front lines of receiving, viewing, and assessing academic documents, ACEI can bring forth its expertise and knowledge and collaborate in developing a system that provides access to safe and tamper proof data.

Name of Primary representative from the organization:

Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert, President & CEO

Work: +1 310.275-3530