AICE (Association of International Credential Evaluators)


Not-for-profit, professional association, established in 1998.

Signed the Groningen Declaration on January 10th, 2017.

PO Box 6756
Beverly Hills
CA 90212
General information:  

Main activities of organization:

  • AICE is a professional membership association for those involved in international credential evaluation and comparative education research.
  • A major part of AICE’s mission is to provide the general public with access to trustworthy credential evaluation research and expertise. AICE’s Endorsed Member evaluation services and Affiliate Members (representing accredited institutions of higher learning) collaborate in the drafting of AICE’s Standards & Best Practices document to provide professionals with guidelines in evaluating international academic credentials.
  • Training and Publications.
  • Develop partnerships with organizations that foster international education and student mobility.
  • Host Annual Symposium on International Credential Evaluation Standards

Reason of organization’s interest in Groningen Declaration Network:

AICE sees the value of the GDN mission and understands the importance of having reliable and accessible student information. Ensuring the integrity of academic documents is a crucial element in the international credential evaluation process and a significant component of AICE’s Standards and Best Practices document.

Envisaged organization’s contribution to Network:

AICE is the first professional association in the U.S. representing independent international credential evaluation service providers that has strived to have in place       peer-reviewed Standards and Best Practices in international credential evaluations. AICE Endorsed and Affiliate Members adhere to these Standards and Best Practices to ensure uniformity and consistency in their evaluation equivalence reporting. Through their collective experience and accumulated knowledge, AICE’s member organizations and institutions will have much to contribute to the GDN.

Name of Primary representative from the organization:

Alan A. Saidi, Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer
Work: 1-310-550-3305