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We welcome new participants! Just a few words about that term participant. As a foundation under Dutch private law, the network can not have members. We therefore have participants –  those that contribute financially to the sustainability of the Network. Those that do not wish to contribute may still attend our annual meetings – at a higher fee – but do not qualify for the benefits available to participants.

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Benefits to GDN participants include:

Networking opportunities in an established international network that brings together the most exhaustive cross-section of sectors and stakeholders. Quoted in the recently issued UNESCO report Digital Credentialing: Implications for the recognition of learning across borders as “probably one of the main global convenors” in the Digital Credentialing Ecosystem, the Groningen Declaration Network promotes the vision that UNESCO calls for in its report: “to reach a common international approach where all aspects of a person’s learning are electronically documented, authenticated and can be accessed at any time and anywhere, shared and amended by the owner or by an authorized party”. Convenors such as the GDN play a crucial role here: “This is also the most critical [sector]. International agencies such as UNESCO and the (…) OECD have a role to play, and increasingly so do open communities and networks that have developed organically and comprise an eclectic mix of actors. The role of the convenors in the digital credential ecosystems is key in this respect”.

Discounted registration fees for the GDN Annual Meeting. Participants enjoy a sizeable reduction of the registration fee for our annual meeting.

Participation in the Annual Business Meeting during the GDN Annual Meeting.  Come and make your voice heard.

Eligibility for leadership positions within the network. Nominate yourself or someone else for leadership positions, keeping in mind that geographical and gender balance are key in the composition of our globally representative board of directors and in our task forces.

Future additional benefits. The GDN Board is continuously working to bring more benefits to our participants.

A few words about data protection the GDN way.

As any network organization, the  GDN requires a contacts database to stay in touch with you : after all, what is a Network if it has no participating nodes?  But – since our network consist of persons, the data that our contacts database holds are personal; moreover, since many of the persons in our network are either citizens of the European Union or maintain close dealings with citizens in the EU, the GDN has to comply with the rules of the recently enacted EU General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR; and this holds particularly true for the way we store, use and manage data in the GDN contacts database .

Now, given the GDN’s stance on privacy as being one of the essential building blocks  to make the GDN vision and goals happen, the GDN wholeheartedly embraces the GDPR. Therefore,  we want you to know what we do with your data and, of course, give you access to the data we keep on file about you and put you in control of your data. Please follow this link for more information on how the GDN views data protection.