CVL’s National Academic Depository



Established in 2010, signed the Groningen Declaration in May 2015.

Address: Marathon Futurex, ‘A’ Wing,
25th Floor, Mafatlal Mills Compound, N M Joshi Marg,
Mumbai – 400 013., Maharashtra, India

General information:

The Government of India is committed towards bringing administrative and academic reforms through the use of technology for delivery of efficient services to all stakeholders. Towards this end, Government has established and officially launched a Digital Depository of Academic Awards known as National Academic Depository (NAD) on the pattern of Securities Depository on July 9, 2017.

CDSL Ventures Limited (CVL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Central Depository Services (India) Limited [CDSL]. In addition, to securities market, CVL also serves education sector via CVL National Academic Depository (CVL NAD). CVL NAD is a system of creating and holding award details in electronic form and making them available for Verification to AIs and employers.

Maintaining academic awards in a digital depository – A 24×7 web based system, CVL NAD aims to bring in a wide range of benefits to Academic Institutions (AI), Students and Employers/Verifiers in the form of enhanced transparency, reduction in costs, better service standards, enabling online access, facilitate validation and retrieval and above all, mitigates reputation risk by eliminating fake/forged certificates.

Chief contact person:CDSLreddy
P S Reddy – Director, CVL

Year from which student data can be digitally retrieved: 

Educational sectors represented in depository: Secondary Tertiary Education

Current number of student data registrations: Refer our website for updated Statistics

Annual increase of registered student data:

Number of consultations of student data:
On the rise

NAD showcased pilot to the Groningen Declaration network: Since 2012

CVL NAD best practice:

A Digital, Online, Trusted, Verifiable system which is accessible in a secure manner to all authorized users at all times.