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Established in 1969, signed the Groningen Declaration on April 9th, 2013.

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Casalecchio di Reno, Italy

General information:
Cineca is a non profit consortium, made up of 69 Italian universities and 3 institutions. Today it is the largest Italian computing centre, one of the most important worldwide. With more than seven hundred employees, it operates in the technological transfer sector through high performance scientific computing, the management and development of networks and web based services, and the development of complex information systems for treating large amounts of data. CINECA develops advanced information technology applications and services, acting like a trait-d’union between the academic world, the sphere of pure research and the world of industry and Public Administration. As part of its operations, CINECA administers on behalf of the Ministry of Education the Italian National Student Database ANS – Anagrafe Nazionale Studenti, which could be the end point of  system-to-system enquiries, for example for degree verification services. The members of the consortium can be found here.

Chief contact person:
Dr. Emilio Ferrari, Presidente

Year from which student data can be digitally retrieved :


Educational sectors represented in depository :
Tertiary education

Current number of student data registrations:

Annual increase of registered student data :

Number of consultations of student data :

CINECA signs the Groningen Declaration