CollegeNET, Inc.


CollegeNET, a private company serving 1300 colleges and universities worldwide

CollegeNET deelops web-based administrative services for higher education, including admissions processing, career placement services, faculty/course evaluation, and scheduling

Reason for interest in Groningen Declaration Network

As an innovator in secure, international credentials transfer, we are interested in sharing information about emerging practices and learning from prime movers in this network.

Envisaged contribution

Discussing with the Network’s partners our emerging credentials transfer integration development projects and implementations, involving Stanford, Wharton, Michigan, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Digitary, CHESICC (China), etc., and contributing to architectural debates and conversations that might help guide the Network to real world success.

CollegeNET-jimChief contact person
Jim Wolfston, President
805 SW Broadway, Suite 1600, Portland, Oregon 97205
Direct dial: 503-973-5200, cell phone 503-806-0526