Credentials Inc.

Credentials Solutions is a leading provider of tech-enabled transcripts, verifications and other online services to the higher education market. Founded in 1997, Credentials has a strong history of pioneering and innovating new technology solutions coupled with industry leading customer service and support. Credentials signed the Groningen Declaration at the sixth annual GDN meeting, on 27 April 2017 in Melbourne.

Address: 1 Northfield Plaza, Suite 501, Northfield, ILL 60093, USA

Chief contact person: Jack Weber, Executive Vice President

Direct dial: 00 1 847 716 3030


Nature of organisation: Privately held Corporation. Credentials Solutions is a Software as a SERVICE (SaaS) COMPANY that develops and supports hosted applications for select colleges and universities that are designed to deliver an enhanced purchasing experience for students and alumni who request transactional services from our client institutions. Our goal in each of our applications is to streamline the back-office processing, controls and reporting for the institutions we serve.

Statement of interest in GDN: As an industry leader in transcript and credentialing documentation, Credentials is very interested in promoting the greater accessibility of academic credentials and to further their exchange in a secure and compliant manner. This mission requires collaboration with like-minded service providers and other stakeholders in the Digital Student Data Ecosystem across the globe, so as to be able to provide vendor agnostic open services. The Groningen Declaration Network provides just the kind of platform that is needed for global discussions and networking, enabling collaboration across borders.