Established in 1999, signed the Groningen Declaration in April 2012.

Invent Building, Dublin City University
Glasnevin, Dublin 9

General information:
Digitary enables Higher Education Institutions to certify, deliver, and authenticate academic credentials online in a secure digital format that fully respects data protection principles for both institutions and for the individual. Academic achievement records such as transcripts, European Diploma Supplements, HEARs, and Degree Certificates are all supported. Over 30 institutions in 4 countries have issued over half a million records through Digitary, with many more organisations around the world using the platform to authenticate achievement online and facilitate greater student mobility. Digitary is the nominated service provider for the UK’s Digital Academic Records Exchange (DARE) platform and is a regular contributor to European standardisation efforts in the field of digital student mobility.

Chief contact person:Digitary-Andy Dowling
Andy Dowling, CEO

Year from which student data can be digitally retrieved :
Each institution served by Digitary operates its own policy regarding the availability of retrospective data and documents

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DIGITARY Andy Dowling –  How DARE and Digitary relate