DUO (Education Executive Agency)

Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs


Established in 1988, signed the Groningen Declaration in April 2012.

Kempkensberg 12
Groningen, The Netherlands

General information:
The Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs is responsible for the execution of several acts and regulations, such as student grants and information management. These acts are commissioned by the Minister of Education, Culture, and Science.

Chief contact person:DUO-Dik van der Wal 2
Dik van der Wal, Manager International Services DUO

Year from which student data can be digitally retrieved :
Higher education since 1991
Vocational Education and Training since 2006
Secondary Education since 2005
State Exams Secondary Education since 1993
Primary Education since 2010

Current number of student data registrations:
Digital data in general (DUO deletes enrolment data 5 years after the last school activity; diploma data are deleted 60 years after the last school activity):
X 1.000
Enrolments HE: 15.000
Grades HE: 5.000
Enrolments VET: 4.000
Diploma VET: 2.200
Enrolments SE: 3.200
Diplomas SE : 1.500

Annual increase of registered student data :
Digital data in general:
(= new enrolments per year) X 1.000
HE 130
VET 100
SE 180
PE 200

Number of consultations of student data :
X 1.000
Digital data in general:
Governmental agencies: 1.000
Digital data in diploma register:
Consultations of individual citizens: 400
Download pdf by individual citizens: 135

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