Established in 1951, signed the Groningen Declaration on May 6th, 2015.

Contact person:EP-NufficLuciedeBruin
Lucie de Bruin, Head, Netherlands NARIC
Kortenaerkade 11
2518 AX The Hague
The Netherlands

email: lbruin@epnuffic.nl

EP-Nuffic is the expertise and service centre for internationalisation in Dutch education. From primary and secondary education to vocational training and higher education and research.

From its headquarters in The Hague and eleven offices worldwide, EP-Nuffic pursues its mission of internationalising education. As an expert, a service provider, a knowledge centre and as a model for the internationalisation of education.

It is EP-Nuffic’s ambition to help ensure that all pupils and students have the opportunity to develop a strong basis in internationalisation by 2020. Internationalisation belongs at the very core of education, and it is never too early for schools to begin.

Our efforts feed into the much larger ambition of the Netherlands being among the world’s leaders in education and research, and to its ambitions for building knowledge and skills in developing countries.

How we work
We make maximum use of our networks in the Netherlands and abroad and of our knowledge of developments in internationalisation, programmes and available resources, always working in collaboration with other organisations and experts. Maintaining and expanding networks and providing a platform for internationalisation play a key part in these efforts.

We encourage and support education professionals bringing international experiences to life. We encourage pupils and students both in the Netherlands and abroad to look across borders and push back their frontiers. And we also offer decision-makers and administrators knowledge and new insights into how internationalisation can enrich education and our economy.

Not a luxury but a necessity
Internationalisation is essential for an ambitious, alert and future-oriented society and for sociocultural growth and economic development. What is more, EP-Nuffic believes that internationalisation in education is a prerequisite for successful international cooperation in a global context, helping to dissolve or push back boundaries and opening up a whole new world.