Foreign Credentials Service of America (FCSA)

Established in 1987, signed the Groningen Declaration on April 8th, 2014.

1910 Justin Lane
Austin, Texas 78757

General information:
Foreign Credentials Service of America (FCSA) was established in 1987 to help employers, workers, students and families integrate experience gained abroad with new lives in the United States.

Educational practices and standards often vary widely from one region to the next. As a result, what qualifies as a high school diploma or a bachelors degree in one location may not meet the standards embraced elsewhere. In situations where a person’s educational achievements are the single most important mark of qualification – from college/university enrollment to immigration to employment and professional certification – applicants from outside the U.S. face a significant disadvantage if those responsible for reviewing international academic credentials do not possess the specialized knowledge and experience necessary to interpret them properly.

Chief contact person:
Dr. William Paver, founder and director