Ladok Consortium (Ladokkonsortiet)


Established in 1991, signed the Groningen Declaration on March 28th, 2014.

Wallingatan 2 SE-111 60 Stockholm, Sweden

General information:
Ladokkonsortiet is a consortium, made up of 37 Swedish universities and one government authority: the Student Aid Agency. In all, we cover 99,5 % of Swedish HE students! The consortium is governed by the AGM, (twice/yr), the Board and a CEO. We are an organization built on competence hired from member institutions. Ladok is designed for local databases, with local responsibility for student register and register quality. We provide member institutions with the tools, i.e. development and maintenance of the Ladok system. The economic turnover of consortium national activities amounts to 110 MSEK (ca. 11 MEUR) 2015. In principle, member fees alone finance us. We are midst in a 7-year project for total system renewal – migration completed by 2017. Then we will have a modern web-based application, operated as one common instance and the consortium will also host the new system.

Chief contact person:Ladokkonsortiet-Mauritz
Mauritz Danielsson, CEO

Year from which student data can be digitally retrieved :
As we have a long history, the picture is scattered:

  • Differences between institutions: starting-dates from late 70’s up to 2012;
  • Differences between faculties: science, humanities and social sciences normally earlier than e.g. midwifery education or fine arts;
  • Differences between educational levels: Undergraduate Education normally earlier than PhD Education etc.

Educational sectors represented in depository :
Most members are universities and university colleges. One institution though is graded as non-academic, e.g. the Police Academy.

Current number of student data registrations:
Some Key figures:

  • > 500 000 active students (gross) during 1 year,
  • > 4 million people in Ladok databases (gross)
  • > 2 million registrations for a course anually,
  • > 4,5 million examination results anually,
  • > 70 000 degrees annually
  • > 1 million certificates anually drawn by students by use of web-services
  • ca 8000 authorized users

Annual increase of registered student data :

Number of consultations of student data :