Paradigm, Inc.


Date of establishment: 1991
Date of signature of Groningen Declaration: 27 April 2017 in Melbourne, Australia

Paradigm, Inc. is a US based provider of paper and digital diplomas and certificates. As the pioneer and one of the largest providers in the United States of Certified Electronic Diplomas and Certificates, Paradigm is committed to providing graduates and schools with secure, portable credentials that can be transacted with full confidence.

Reason for interest in GDN:
Paradigm, Inc. is excited to participate and help further the global conversation of digital credentials.  We believe that Portability, Accessibility and Acceptability are the three corner stones of digital credentials, each holding their own set of requirements to ensure their relevance. Our desire is to help further an open conversation with a goal of global standardization that is vendor agnostic and guided by the fundamental principles of how and why a credential should be transacted and consumed. Paradigm is honored to be part of this international conversation that the Groningen Declaration Network so uniquely provides that surrounds these, and other relevant issues in the Higher Education Digital Ecosystem.

Name of chief contact person:
Christopher Jackson, CEO and co-owner

Chris 300x330

Visiting address:
2600 Performance Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23453, USA

Email address of chief contact:

00 1 757-333-4823, 308
fax 00 1 757-333-4910