AES (Academic Evaluation Services, Inc.) 





Date of signing the Groningen Declaration: 20 April 2018, Paris, France

Signed by: Dr. Lou Nunes, President
8875 Hidden River Parkway, Suite 110
Tampa, FL 33637 US
General information:

Academic Evaluation Services, Inc. was created by a group of international education professionals with extensive experience in the areas of international admissions, foreign student advising, foreign credential evaluations, university placement, and translations.

  • Our mission is to provide fast accurate services to individuals in need of evaluation and/or translation of foreign academic credentials so that they may further their education and professional careers in the United States.
  • Our objectives are to provide academic evaluations to those educated outside the United States while at the same time setting an example of good business ethics and practices within our local community as well as within the international academic community, both in the United States and internationally.

Reason of AES interest in the Groningen Declaration Network:

Today’s world witnesses constant physical mobility of individuals, for a variety of reasons, and the mission of citizens of any nation is to help those in need of our support. The constant advancing technology allows us to overcome barriers more easily; add to that  the ever-growing concern for environmental issues, and it is logical that the field of international credential evaluation should follow the current trend of moving toward essentially online communication. Time is also of the essence when dealing with the future for individuals, who seek credential evaluation services to allow them to accurately move toward their future endeavors. The ease with which documents can be transferred and reviewed will be of the greatest benefit to all those involved in the process: the individual; office staff members; the document-issuing institution; the document-receiving institutions; etc. Respecting the privacy and rights of individuals and institutions, and an ethical and secure distribution of documents required for the evaluation are paramount to the process.

Envisaged contribution to the network:

AES and its evaluation team will essentially contribute to the network with their knowledge and experience in the field, which amounts to over 13 years, and with the dedication to the advancement of courses that will improve the services offered to individuals in need of assistance. As presenters in several international education conferences, as publishers, and as holder of leadership positions in international education associations, we feel confident in contributing to this new area in whatever capacity we can. Our initial contribution to the Network was submitting a white paper for the TAICEP seminar that took place two  days in advance of the 2017 GDN conference in Melbourne, Australia, the outcomes of which seminar were shared in plenary session with all delegates of the GDN meeting.

Chief contact person:
Michelle Moraes