CollegeSource, Inc



Date of signing the Groningen Declaration: 20 April 2018, Paris, France

General information:

CollegeSource, Inc. has been creating information technology solutions for higher education since 1971. More than 2,000 institutions and millions of users worldwide utilize CollegeSource products for degree audit, degree planning, and transfer articulation.

Our Mission:

Maximizing human potential by expanding awareness of educational and career opportunities

Building software that aids the students and staff of higher education is what we do. Why we build solutions is to empower students, either directly through interaction with the software as they plan their academic careers or indirectly through the higher education staff that use our products to create a better experience for students.

Our mission statement reflects the vision of our founder and the history of the company. The goal is, and always was, to create a “more employable student.” That is, to help students plan and complete academic careers that prepare them to be productive, fully-realized citizens who are adaptable and responsive to the ever-evolving career landscape.


8090 Engineer Rd., San Diego, CA 92111




Contact person:

Kerry Cooper, Chief Executive Officer