NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority)

Date of signing the Groningen Declaration: 19 April, Paris, France

Signed by: Dr. Grant Klinkum, Deputy Chief Executive, Quality Assurance Division

About NZQA

NZQA is a Crown entity established in 1990 under the Education Act 1989 (the Act). Section 246a of the Act sets out our functions, key among which relate to our obligation to maintain the Qualifications Framework and Standards, and to support international transferability of qualifications.

The Ministry of Education is the Crown’s monitoring agency for NZQA. The Ministry provides independent assessments of the governance and performance of NZQA to the Minister of Education.

NZQA also reports to the Minister for Education and is governed by a board appointed by the Minister.

NZQA’s role

NZQA’s role is to ensure that New Zealand qualifications are regarded as credible and robust, nationally and internationally, in order to help learners succeed in their chosen endeavors and to contribute to New Zealand society.

NZQA is responsible for:

  • managing the New Zealand Qualifications Framework;
  • administering the secondary school assessment system;
  • independent quality assurance of non-university education providers;
  • qualifications recognition and standard-setting for some specified unit standards.

Reason for interest in the Groningen Declaration Network

The Groningen Declaration, and the areas of interest for the Network have direct relevance to NZQA’s work on the New Zealand Record of Achievements, as well as broader areas such as the future of qualifications and quality assurance in a borderless world.

Signing the declaration and formally joining the Network will confirm NZQA’s commitment to addressing the challenges in education as a result of rapid changes in technology, and increasing learner mobility.

NZQA is also interested in learning from Network members and contributing to international forums on  building, linking and growing digital student data depositories to support global mobility and lifelong learning.

NZQA representative and contact details

Dr. Grant KLinkum would be NZQA’s representative on the Network. Grant is the Deputy Chief Executive of the Quality Assurance Division at the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. The Quality Assurance Division is responsible for managing the New Zealand Qualifications Framework, the quality assurance of non-university education providers, and qualifications recognition.

His contact details are as follows:

Dr. Grant Klinkum
Deputy Chief Executive, Quality Assurance Division
New Zealand Qualifications Authority
125 The Terrace
PO Box 160
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

direct line: +64 4 463 4364
mobile: +64 275 270 870