UDUAL (The Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean)



The Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean (UDUAL) was created on September 22, 1949 by resolution of the First Latin American University Conference held at the University of San Carlos, Guatemala.

It comprises 200 affiliated colleges, both public and private, spread over 21 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean region, bringing together 200,000 teachers, about 5000 undergraduate programs and 3800 postgraduate programs. UDUAL is a nongovernmental organization recognized by UNESCO for more than 35 years. It also integrates several national and sub-regional networks of higher education institutions so that their actions become of greater impact and articulation.

Currently its activities are centered on five strategic areas:

  • Technological change and the information society.
  • Demographic dynamics.
  • Climate change.
  • Equal Rights Agenda.
  • University Autonomy in the globalized world.


  • UDUAL promotes the integration of Latin America and the Caribbean through the joint efforts of universities, associations and networks and sub-national universities affiliated to the Association.
  • It has signed cooperation agreements with multilateral agencies like UNESCO, CEPAL, IBD to carry out joint activities related to the five strategic areas mentioned above.
  • Through cooperation, UDUAL fosters training of undergraduate and graduate students as well as the dissemination of research activities.
  • UDUAL defends university autonomy and academic and research freedom as components of the highest relevance for the development of universities in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • UDUAL is interested in strengthening the relationship between innovative and creative knowledge they affiliates produce, to promote social and economic development
  • It offers workshops to support its affiliates in the implementation of programs such as obtaining funds, the training of specialized internal assessment processes, external and university accreditation.
  • It performs liaison activities with other international organizations in the field of education such as IESALC-UNESCO, UNESCO, the International Association of Universities and the IDB, among others.


  • UDUAL publishes books one collection called: “Latin American IDEA” includes linking higher education with relevant Latin American subjects. The second collection, “UDUAL”, publishes that have won of the prizes in competitions UDUAL has organized.
  • “Universities” is a journal published since 1950, and is currently realized on a quarterly basis. Since last October it appears online, and its moving towards and electronic format.
  • The quarterly Gazette UDUAL includes news, announcements and events from the affiliated universities.
  • Center for Information and Documentation  (CIDU)

CIDU offers specialized publications on higher education. It has more than 8,852 bibliographic records, 1992 periodical titles, 81 titles of audiovisual material, and 30,791 articles with an abstract. Their database is available online at www.udual.org / CIDU


In our website www.udual.org one can find the information about UDUAL, the main activities of the affiliated universities, virtual library and the work of the Union.

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