Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) Established in 2013, signed the Groningen Declaration in 2016.

UHR main tasks are:

  • Coordinating admissions to higher education
  • Producing the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test
  • Providing support and information to everyone who wants to study in higher education
  • Evaluating foreign higher education qualifications
  • Brokering international exchanges
  • Managing and developing IT systems for the HEI`s

General Information

The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) is a Swedish government agency with many different tasks in the education sector. It has 260 employees who are located in Stockholm and Visby. UHR’s tasks include:

Admissions to higher education

UHR processes and coordinates admissions to most higher education courses and programmes in Sweden. The most important points of contact for applicants are these websites:

The Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test

UHR is responsible for producing the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test, which is taken every year by around 150,000 people, both in Sweden and abroad, but primarily in Europe. UHR also processes registrations for the test on behalf of higher education institutions, via the Hogskoleprov.nu website. It also decides the results of the test.

Increased diversity, equal rights and widened participation in higher education

UHR supports the work of higher education institutions as regards increasing diversity, promoting equal rights and opportunities in higher education and combating discrimination. This is done through evaluations, analyses, conferences and education.

Evaluation of foreign qualifications

To make it easier for someone with a non-Swedish qualification to study or look for work in Sweden, UHR evaluates foreign upper-secondary, post-secondary and academic qualifications and compares them to Swedish qualifications. This work is important in helping jobseekers with foreign education onto the Swedish labour market, as well as making it possible to apply for Swedish higher education. The evaluations are based on international agreements on qualifications’ recognition. UHR also provides information nationally about foreign qualifications and internationally about Swedish qualifications. UHR is also the advisory centre for the Professional Qualifications Directive and provides information about work in regulated professions within the EU.

International cooperation and mobility

UHR works to improve standards in Swedish education by providing people with opportunities for participation in international exchanges and cooperation. Via UHR’s programmes, schools, higher education institutions, vocational and adult education programmes and others are able to apply for funding for projects conducted in partnership with other countries. Teachers, students and pupils are examples of groups which may participate in exchanges. UHR also offers opportunities for work exchanges for state employees and preparation for work and traineeships at EU institutions.

Information about higher education


UHR provides information about higher education so that applicants can make well-considered choices. We also work with career and study guidance counsellors in our information activities and provide inspiration about higher education, such as the Studera.nu website.

Systems administration and support

UHR administers, develops and is responsible for the operation of several major administrative IT systems that are used in higher education. The largest one is the national admissions system (NyA) which processes over 800,000 applications for higher education every year. UHR also administers parts of Sweden’s system for study documentation (Ladok) in partnership with higher education institutions and CSN.

Director General:


Ulf Melin


Box 45093
104 30 Stockholm, Sweden

Street Address: Wallingatan 2



Telephone +46 (0)10-470 03 00