UK NARIC (The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom)

UK NARIC is the designated body in the United Kingdom for the recognition of international qualifications and professional skills. Our databank is one of the largest in the world, ranging over 5,000 qualifications from 186 countries, former states or territories, and now extending to cutting edge grade conversions. UK NARIC is a national agency with global reach – UK NARIC works worldwide in the appraisal of education systems and the evaluation of qualifications, awards and education standards.


Suffolk House, 68-70 Suffolk Road, Cheltenham, United Kingdom GL50 2ED

Chief Executive:

Dr Cloud Bai-Yun

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Established in the early 1980s, our continuous and ongoing research into education systems and professional skills across the globe has built one of the largest knowledge and data banks on international qualifications in the world. Our data range over 5,000 qualifications from 186 countries, former states or territories, and now extend to cutting edge grade comparisons data for an expanding number of countries.

UK NARIC data are used worldwide: by every university in the UK and universities in over 50 countries; by colleges and other educational institutions; by professional bodies and large international businesses.

The value of UK NARIC’s knowledge and expertise is being recognised by an ever wider range of users. Professional bodies work with UK NARIC to facilitate the mobility of professionals across borders. We are looked to by increasing numbers of governments, ministries and education authorities to assist in the development of qualifications and skills frameworks. This activity is vital to filling skills gaps, improving competitiveness and developing national and regional economies.

We undertake high level committee work: UK  NARIC represents the UK government in the forums of the European Union, the Council of Europe and UNESCO, is an active member of the ENIC-NARIC network, and has been an important contributor to the work of the Asia-Europe ASEM in establishing the network of National Information Centres (ANICs) throughout Asia.
We must not forget our services for individuals: we help large numbers of individuals with their international qualifications, providing statements of comparability and English language assessments. In the past year, we handled over 46,000 applications from individuals seeking opportunities in the UK, and those applications come from over 170 countries.