UPAEP, Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla


UPAEP was born in 1973 as a project of Puebla’s society. It was first led by a group of young people who decided to make a difference and to undertake a new project that could favor the freedom and university autonomy. This project has crystallized as an institution that is committed with the search and dissemination of the truth since it wants to be congruent with the Christian humanism. Thus, today, as yesterday, we are committed with the education of professionals who could be a factor of change and transformation to achieve the construction of the Common Good.


21 sur 1103 Barrio de Santiago
Puebla, Pue
C.P. 72410


Contact Person

Mr. Francisco José Maldonado Altieri
Email: francisco.maldonado@upaep.mx
Tel: +52 222 229 94 50