The Groningen Declaration called for a Standing Secretariat, to serve as organiser and convener of future annual meetings. As of 20 December 2016, when the GDN incorporated as a public benefit foundation with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under registration number 67518613, the Standing Secretariat turned into an Office with an Executive Director who works in close cooperation with the Executive Board of the Board of Directors.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS as of April 2018



  • Neil Robinson. Deputy Head, University Services and Registrar, University of Melbourne, Australia – term of office expires at the annual meeting 2020

President Elect

Immediate Past President

  • Victoriano Giralt. CIO, University of Málaga, Spain – term of office expires at the annual meeting 2019


  • Mike Reilly. Executive Director, AACRAO – American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, Washington, D.C., USA – term of office expires at the annual meeting 2019


 DIRECTORS  in alphabetical order of last names

  • João Bacelar. Executive Manager, EUF – European University Foundation, Luxembourg – term of office expires at the annual meeting 2020
  • Mirriam Chiyaba. Director & CEO, Zambia Qualifications Authority / Chair Person, AQVN African Qualifications Verification Network – term of office expiresat the annual meeting   2021
  • Ms. Shi Lifang (Shelly). Project Supervisor, International Promotion Department, CHESICC – China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center – term of office expires at the annual meeting 2019
  • Francisco José Maldonado. Registrar, UPAEP – Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, Puebla, Mexico – term of office expires at the annual meeting 2020
  • Kathleen Massey. Associate Vice-President (Students), University of Lethbridge, Canada – term of office expires at the annual meeting 2021
  • Margit Schatzman. President, ECE  – Educational Credential Evaluators, Milwaukee (WI), United States – term of office expiresat the annual meeting   2021
  • Rick Torres. CEO/President, National Student Clearinghouse, Herndon, Virginia, USA – term of office expires at the annual meeting 2020


  • Herman de Leeuw


The Board consists of a minimum of seven and a maximum of eleven members, to be decided by the Board. The intention is to appoint a director from  all six continents of the world (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America). The GDN strives for balance in the composition of its board of directors, meaning that the Board strives for gender balance, and all continents should be equitably represented on the board.  In the immediate running up to an Annual Groningen Declaration  Network Meeting, participants of the network may suggest candidates for upcoming vacant board positions, which may be taken in consideration by the remaining directors. The Board of Directors will preferably consider representatives of the charter entities and representatives from organizations that signed the Groningen Declaration (the Signatories), under condition that the organisations they represent belong to one of the following 4 categories: data providers (institutions); data custodians (depositories); data owners (representative student bodies, for instance student unions); and (inter)national (membership) associations active in the field of internationalization of (higher) education.

The term of office of the GDN Board members is two years, after which they can be reappointed only once. Directors step down in accordance with a rotation schedule drawn up by the Board. The term of office for each board member will be given in the overview below.


  • Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Registration number 67518613, date of registration 20-12-2016
  • EU Transparency Register number: 238535130318-52, of 21-2-2018